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Thanks to Full Sail student Will Rose, whom submitted and worked with us, we’ve been blessed to win┬áthe annual 3300+ Climbing Artist Development & Marketing Competition at Full Sail University!

Here’s some words from Josiah:


Well guys, Josiah & The Greater Good won Full Sail University students, 3300 and climbing competition, against top bands across the nation. We are now endorsed by the University, we get free recording in their Nationally acclaimed studio, and free artist development/management. I’m excited to see what doors this will open, and where we can improve in our presentation and marketing schemes. Once again no matter where I go or what happens I owe it the fine folks of Knoxville. Much love y’all thank you for your continued support.


It’s going to be an exciting summer and fall for us here. We hope you’re able to hop on the ride with us!

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